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Who Are We?

Sparrow Construction Limited is a privately owned limited liability New Zealand company that is categorised as a medium-size enterprise.

Mike Sparrow
Mike Sparrow




Inland Revenue Number 11 855 059  (Company, Goods and Services Tax)

Goods Service License # 0229978 version 001
Transport Service Licensee: Sparrow Construction Building & Civil Limited, commencement date 2 March 2007
Required for vehicles with gross laden weight =>6000kg
Principal Shareholder and Director:  Mike Sparrow
Principal Shareholder and Director:  Mike Sparrow
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Our Business

What Do We Do?

Who Does The Work?

Almost Everything

Keeping it local

We construct things (buildings or parts of buildings, civil works and site works) for clients


With Experience & Common-sense

The things we construct are designed either from first principles, in accordance with the building code and New Zealand standards, or are manufacturers' / suppliers' proprietary designs.

The things we construct are usually one-off designs and could be considered prototypes.

We can offer our own real-world experience to ensure that these constructions do their intended job and stand the test of time.

We use our own staff and sub-contractors to carry out construction work and purchase materials from suppliers.  Wherever possible we prefer to support local businesses.

We control the construction process using Quality and Health & Safety Systems.


Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)

With a qualified Engineer at the helm and a team with over a century of combined experience, we believe we can handle most jobs.


Software Ecosystem


We make use of cloud-based systems to keep track of our jobs and to provide easy access to all interested parties so that everyone is informed about progress.

Our primary Project tool is ProCore - each project is represented within it along with all applicable project documentation, audits, reports, and photos of the work being done.

For our Head Office processes, we use a combination of ProEst (Estimations), WorkBench (Financial Management), and Mango (Human Resources, Audit, Risk Management & Plant/Equipment Registers).

Health & Safety Systems


Sparrow Construction wants its staff to be safe in their jobs, so we have developed a Health & Safety System to achieve this.  We make use of a number of organisations that review and appraise our system so that our clients can trust what we do.

You can find us on SiteWise, ISNetworld, and (coming soon) +Impac PreQual (Totika).


Sparrow Construction Ltd was founded by Stephen Sparrow in 1965.

It specialises in the area of Civil Construction.

Our trades staff are supported by a team of experienced project managers, engineers, in-house support and industry partners.

Our main office is located on the Kapiti Coast and we have teams working on projects throughout New Zealand.

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